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View Diary: CO-Sen: Salazar begins cycle mostly safe (186 comments)

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  •  I thought the blogosphere was about action? (0+ / 0-)

    My point is are we gonna let the the GOP or DLC get this guy without a fight.

    Now back to Begich and this whole topic of Stevens, its not a left or right thing, it competent vs incompetent politician thing.

    Do you think for a second Obama would EVER have done this now or in his past?

    Im not looking for liberal heros, I am looking for QUALITY politicians to represent the Democratic party.

    I could give a damn about what you believe if you lack the skills to be an effective politician.
    If that was the case I would vote Green and Libertaian, but since I want change I choose serious politicians over pompous academics.

    And thats why I love my mancrush Barack Obama so much, beause not only do I agree with his policy and ideas 99%, I also love him because he is a brilliant politician.

    And in some way, at this point, politically speaking I respect Stevens more than Begich, because whatever politicaly shrewd move Begich thought he would pull off, reverse those tables and Stevens would given him no parole and gotten a rise in approval ratings as they locked that jail door.

    Obama brought strength and some spine to the Dems this summer, how it wasn't contagious to someone like Begich is beyond me (Begich, I recommend you watch Obama's DNC speech, there is a party where he proclaims "ENOUGH!",,   pay attention)

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