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    Thank you a thousand times for this.  As a  conservationist, I have been cringing every time I hear the phrase "roads and bridges" -- that's a LOT of cringing lately -- for the reasons discussed here.  If infrastrucutre planning and reinvestment is not carefully dovetailed with greener and better integrated policies on transportation, land use planning, agriculture, land management, energy, etc., it will end up incurring the kind of long-term costs that the diary discusses.  I hate to say it, but a lot of those New Deal projects did a lot of damage from a land conservation standpoint, because they were poorly thought out, poorly executed, and worked at cross purposes to other projects.

    My "plus":  We need another part of this that was not on the agenda during the New Deal.  We need attention to what has been called our "green infrastructure", i.e., our open spaces, protected areas, water ways, watersheds, groundwater resources -- all the places in the landscape that provide us with clean water, wildlife, healthy soils, groundwater recharge, stormwater management, and other ecosystem services.  In particular, we need the CCCs of the 21st century to help us do ecological restoration on a massive scale, restoring the ecological health of our forests, grasslands, wetlands, watersheds.  Repairing our land, and not just the roads over and through it, has to be central to this whole effort if we are to make this work.  And not just rural lands, but urban and suburban as well.

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      Part of this should be retrofitting detention basins, lawns and other "petroleum landscapes" to sustainable landscapes based on native ecosystem models. I am sending a comment to addressing this issue. Removing lawns and other non-indigenous landscapes, replacing with native plantings, installing rain gardens and green roofs will make a huge difference in cleaning up surface and ground water, reducing our carbon footprint, reducing our demand for foreign oil and oil in general, and the demand for strategic resources such as fertilizer that are better used for crops. For more information, see my diary.

      "Without our playstations, we are a third world nation"-Ani DiFranco

      by NoMoreLies on Sun Dec 21, 2008 at 06:32:18 PM PST

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