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  •  Not new concrete, just a new contracting model. (9+ / 0-)

    Engineers already know how to build roads that last far longer than our current abysmal standard. Virtually all municipalities and states nowadays let contracts to private vendors for road construction, and are mandated by (brain-dead) law to give the contract to the lowest bidder. The result is millions of miles of shabby roadway, most all just a thin layer of gravel capped by low quality concrete or petroleum-based paving tar.

    This type of cheap construction maximizes the apparent "miles per million dollars" for the politician running for office. It also guarantees a roadway that will frost-heave, deteriorate and disintegrate within just a few years, leading to endless maintenance costs- or neglect and decay. There's a better way, of course. Better preparation of the roadbed with deeper gravel and higher quality paving material yields much greater longevity and lower long-term costs. But this would require some reality-based common sense; and it would swim against the current of today's repaving-as-perpetual-contractor-cash-machine.

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