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  •  Sigh... Our Parent's Ticket to a Life (0+ / 0-)

    My dad's generation, and to some degree, my own, saw an engineering degree as the ticket to a solid career.  Doctor, dentist, and lawyer degrees were, to some degree, beyond the reach of anyone on a basic budget.  My dad had a HS diploma and trained as an electronic technician in the Coast Guard, for him and his peers, engineering was THE be-all end-all job and he was right.

    This country has marginalized and outsourced every field of endeavor involving tangible, physical products and all industrial production in favor of financial schemes and marketing shows.  Need proof:
    In 1960, the size of U.S. financial markets, as measured by turnover, was about 1.5 times the size of Gross Domestic Product. $795.3 billion in financial turnover, and $526.4 billion in GDP.  In 2000, U.S. GDP was $ 9.817 trillion. U.S. financial markets were $508.456 trillion, or 51.79 times bigger than U.S. GDP.
    Please, let that sink in.  The equivalent amount of the entire U.S. economy is traded on Wall Street almost every week.

    Now my son wishes to follow his passion (and his father's and grandfather's) and go to engineering school.  I shrug my shoulders knowing he's good with his hands and will be a better plumber, electrician, or mechanic as a fallback in the future American sharecropper economy.

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