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View Diary: Best healthcare in the world? 50 million will soon be uninsured (260 comments)

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  •  A great line from Thom Hartmann: (17+ / 0-)

    The Right likes to say that we don't want the government telling us what doctor to go to.  But it's okay for some insurance company clerk to decide our health care?  

    I've been self-employed since the early '80's.  I've paid my share of health insurance premiums:  when I needed emergency care for my asthma, the claim was denied because "no one develops asthma after 30 years old and therefore it was a pre-existing condition."  

    When my husband was within 3 years of Medicare age and we carried outrageously expensive catastrophic-only insurance and he needed an emergency room on Christmas Day, the claim was denied.  Even though his blood pressure was life-threatiningly through the roof from the excruciating pain he was in.  We had been to the doctor earlier in the week, we had done our due diligence.  Claim denied -- when we were paying $10,000 at the time for the two of us with a huge deductible, no doctor's visits covered, no coverage for my asthma or any other "lung-related" illness.  

    Multi thousands of dollars to insurance companies and not one claim paid.  My husband is now on Medicare (thank God); and I pray that Obama can get me affordable medical care.  We could no longer afford insurance that covered nothing, in addition to the medical bills I pay out of pocket.  

    So the Republican line is bullshit.  All that great medical care is not available to the vast majority of Americans.  I mean that literally:  even the insured fight for every claim and are not able to adequately take care of their health.  

    So some clerk whose job it is to pay bonuses and dividends, is denying us health care that we pay for.  

    Excellent diary, excellent graphs.  Thanks.  

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