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View Diary: Best healthcare in the world? 50 million will soon be uninsured (260 comments)

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  •  We can't wait that long (8+ / 0-)

    The current system isn't breaking. It's broken. More and more people are becoming uninsured as they lose their jobs and health insurance along with it.

    I'm self-employed and live in Massachusetts. I know first-hand that our state's "reform," while well-intended, was doomed to fail because it went for the notion that what we need is health insurance rather than health care.

    All it did was prop up the insurance companies by mandating coverage. Premiums have continued to skyrocket and more people are opting to pay the penalty, which is a few hundred dollars a year, instead of trying to pay for laughably inadequate "coverage" that costs thousands.

    Ask yourself, what would you struggle to pay first, your rent or mortgage payment, or health-insurance premiums? More and more folks are facing that question.

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