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View Diary: Breaking!!! Zogby cell poll has Kerry over Bush 15 points!!! (115 comments)

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  •  Cellphone Poll Does Matter (none)
    Many of these young people are not getting counted in polls because they don't fit into likely voters. But they WILL be counted in the Nov. 2 election. This is a great margin.
    •  Yeah but (none)
      Zogby's big conclusion is that 18-29 year olds vote the same way regardless of whether they are polled via a landline or via text message.  As long as the traditional polls weight for demographic breakdown correctly, which is a separate discussion, this poll by Zogby suggests that the traditional polling method is OK.  Cell phone users don't vote differently than landline users.
      •  Sample size (none)
        But how many 18-29s are actually included in polls? Very often it's tiny. And I bet if you broke it down you'd find most were 24-29...with 18-23 very low. It's the college age group that's so underpolled.
        •  And they are motivated this time. (none)
          In my area, most college students are registered. And a definite majority are pro-Kerry. Out of a half dozen college students I can think of off the top of my head, one is undecided. The rest are all Kerry supporters.

          George Bush is Nehemiah Scudder

          by jenrose on Sun Oct 31, 2004 at 03:22:35 PM PST

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