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    I recollect seeing scans of Ollie North's diaries which referred to scheduling of plane arrivals of (cocaine) "paste" in Central America. North needed to track paste deliveries because he was using the same plane to run guns.

    North, of course, was in charge of funding the Contra armies during the Reagan years. Didn't Costa Rica indict John Hull for trafficking?  He was a rancher with an air strip who was a crony of North's.

    As a non-CIA example of federal involvement in cocaine traffic, I remember a DEA effort to infiltrate the cartels by importing and distributing a TON of cocaine into Miami a few years ago. The DEA later admitted that importing and selling $100 million worth of coke wasn't that bright an idea.

    I demur from your citing of the Peter Dale Scott book, which contained entirely secondary sources and featured little, if any original reporting.

    The Scott book does not deserve to be mentioned in the same post as Webb and Kwitney, who sought out primary sources and added to our knowledge. Webb and Kwitney were reporting giants, and we will not see their like again, sadly.

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      Recommended by:
      Dave925, RubyGal, Larsstephens

      Endless Enemies and Crimes of Patriots, both GREAT reads!!!

      Amazing how many thugs exposed by Kwitney were in Lil georgies administration.

      "All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent."T.J.

      by smkngman on Wed Dec 10, 2008 at 09:17:47 AM PST

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