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View Diary: CIA Drug Trafficking and remembering Gary Webb (248 comments)

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  •  Amazing...!! wow..the head of the SEC and FARC.. (5+ / 0-)

    that reminds me of something I read in Kevn Phillips book on the Bush Family Dynasty that the grandfather of GHW Bush financed the Russian Revolution through a loan for armaments to be purchased from American companies..way back when..

    I think they have been at this for the better part of a century or more..because you had the Opium dens in British occupied China..

    •  I knew about Prescott Bush's involvement (4+ / 0-)
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      TracieLynn, dqueue, RubyGal, Larsstephens

      with financing the Nazis, but I wasn't aware of the connection to the Russian revolution. I think I read in McMafia or some news article about an individual from Eastern Europe who'd made a ton of money in criminal or quasi-criminal enterprises. He was feted at a London party that was attended by numerous important people.

      •  Prescott Bush was involved with banking and (6+ / 0-)

        financing the Nazis, his father in law..George Herbert Walker was a financier involved in the financing of the Russian revolution..the Bush family has been involved in weapons trafficking for decades.. as well as international finance that supported various operations as long as a buck could be made..

        Wall Street is swimming in drug money and they have been laundering the money for a long long time..that is why there is no oversight in the bailout .. too many eyes might get a look at the books...or find a few sets of books..

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