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View Diary: CIA Drug Trafficking and remembering Gary Webb (248 comments)

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  •  Gov Clinton couldn't tell Presidents Reagan-Bush (3+ / 0-)
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    Marie, lotlizard, James Kresnik

    to hit the road, could he? Plus, if you know ANYTHING about Clinton back then, he was SUPPORTIVE of IranContra POLICY, as many centrist Dems were at the time. wasn't part of the drugrunning, but DID look away when told.

    And it's NOT the entire CIA, but operatives who've been loyal to GHWBush at the CIA.  Maybe you should remember that shortly after the 2004 election, Bush had his CIA boss go into the agency and PURGE those agents he suspected were working for or even supported Kerry in any way.

    •  I respect your positions and command of fact (0+ / 0-)

      but I have to go back to my original observation:

      When talking about "operatives loyal to GHWBush" or like the commenter below "factions within the CIA" it's pretty clear that this is about conspiracists operating within a governmental agency on a secret agenda.

      Without passing judgment on the accuracy of that, I just thought you couldn't talk about such conspiracies on this site.

      Thanks to all for the clarification. Perhaps in this case the diarist presents enough credible links and info to pass some smell test. In addition, the diarist also focuses on the tragedy of an individual, Gary Webb.

      •  Because they are FACTS. Bush DID purge the CIA (0+ / 0-)

        after the 2004 election of those he believed were disloyal to HIS agenda.  And there have been agents who have come out over the years and discussed some level of criminality involved in the illegal operations that have been ongoing.  I expect it to get REALLY HOT after Bush2 leaves - I hear there's more than a few whistleblowers chomping at the bit.

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