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  •  "we still are better than torture" (4+ / 0-)
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    Tell that to the people incarcerated at Guantanamo or in foreign countries in the name of U.S. (read 'us'). Also tell that to the thousands who've been tasered while in custody or when being arrested. That the U.S. doesn't torture is one of the biggest myths United Staters believe. Incarceration in this country is such a nightmare that not too long ago a Canadian judge refused the extradition of  a man when the DA made some cutesie reference as to how he was going to get raped in prison. So you got the "travesty" part right. Let's not quibble over the exact definition of a word when you would experience that act as nothing less than its full meaning. Our spineless leaders twist and turn to avoid reaching the conclusion that is obvious to everyone, especially those who bear the brunt of both foreign and domestic policy.

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