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  •  there are two classes of immigrants (11+ / 0-)

    I know we all like to think we live in a classless society, but we don't.  There are two classes of immigrants, the skilled/educated and the unskilled/uneducated.  If you are skilled and/or educated you are treated completely differently.  My parents were immigrants.  They never had it easy, leaving family behind, starting from scratch, learning the language, never getting a joke, etc etc, but they were always treated with respect.  Why?  Because they were educated and middle class.
    Our problem as a society is that we treat poor people like shit, not that we treat immigrants like shit.  We do the same to natives in poverty.

    •  Bingo. Right on. (3+ / 0-)
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      But let me add that immigration enforcement has steadily grown so harsh over the last 15 years that nowadays many of the educated class are also crushed.  Most of my clients are very well educated.  That doesn't stop many of them from being harmed very much by a cruel bureaucracy, especially if they are Muslims. I could tell tales that would bring tears all around.

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