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  •  Troll? (5+ / 0-)

    The commenter has a history of posting on dkos and most of it I like.  Just because he or she has taken a different stance than most of the others on here does not mean they are a troll.  I happen to agree with a lot of what he or she says, does that mean users must be 100% in compliance with a set of issues to be kossacks?  Are we supposed to have 150 comments on here saying "I agree with you diary completely"?  Please don't throw around the T word so easily.

    •  He's certainly acting as a troll in this thread (2+ / 0-)
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      Timaeus, Nightprowlkitty
      and I'll stand by my comment.  He's making virtually no effort to engage in reasonable discussion and is just throwing out the same nonsense for the purpose of disrupting the conversation.  That constitutes a troll to me.  No one has to toe the line, but if you don't have something to add to add to the discussion, stay out of it or you're acting as a troll.
      •  Do everyone a favor and read the FAQ (2+ / 0-)
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        Rohan, DrFaustus

        Let's face it: You don't agree with my position here, and that is the only thing motivating you.  My solution is to attack the problem at the source, as opposed to having us serve as the dumping ground for all the world's inequities.

        I note for the record that no one has answered my main question.  If two million was okay back in 1986, and 20 million are okay now, what is your principled response when 200 million come in 2026?  It is a very slippery slope; what is your limiting principle?

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