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View Diary: New Nukes: Obama will name Steven Chu his choice for Energy secretary (124 comments)

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    Recently there was a HTR conference where the latest paper on this in July 2008 was presented with a report from Dr. Rainer
    Moormann of the Jülich Research Center.

    This paper has been used by ideologically motivated anti-nuclear activists to try to squash S. Africa's development of their PBMR. Moormann himself is much less anti-nuclear. His report here:

    But, the idea, specifically, of 'containment' has to do with releases of helium, which is inert, with fission products. Eskom suggests, and has designed filters to use for any related release of He into the air. The idea of catastrophic failure is simply waiting for someone to show HOW you can have one, period. Without that, there is no argument for containment beyond the the containment vessel the reactors sits in anyway. Even different generations of TRISO are being researched to address issues raised in both papers.

    I think there are issues as you point out. And there are others too. But clearly this is a away to go for a large segment of on demand base load and it's good that papers are being written so as make it better and address the problems.


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