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  •  NF3 CAN be captured. DDT: we had no malaria (1+ / 0-)
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    or other diseases in my neighborhood; DDT spraying was simply against the nuisance of mosquitos.

    Profligate, wasteful, but profit-making for somebody.

    It was that "Better Living Through Chemistry" and mid-Century wonders........Same epoch where maps were being drawn up showing The Hudson River in black instead of blue because it was being designating as industrial waste be sacrificed.

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    by LNK on Thu Dec 11, 2008 at 02:46:17 PM PST

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    •  NF3 is already scrubbed (1+ / 0-)
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      The alarmist report 'estimated' that 10% escaped, the author at one point gave calculations based on 100% of NF3 production being released into the atmosphere.  Yet the basic process using NF3 consumes at least 99%, that quote from someone in the industry gives 99.9% destruction of NF3. And that's before the scrubbing is done, which you need to do because the off-gas contain SiF4 which reacts with moisture to give hydrogen fluoride.

      So the fucking report greatly exaggerates the release, from 10 time for simple venting the worst case off-gas, which isn't done, and are likely 1000 times or higher than actually occurs, to waving about calculations that are based in mythology of venting all produced NF3.  And NF3 replaced gasses that were worse GHG, SF6 and CFCs.

      If you read the reports from the industry and other researchers, you'll see them speculating that there may be leakage in the supply chain and non-vent production side, and the research on that is being done with the intent to reduce leakage found.

      But then shutting down the use of NF3 will make flat screen displays and photovoltaic panels much more expensive, which won't bother me. No more wall sized TVs and people demanding subsidies for their inefficient rooftop solar electricity generation.

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