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View Diary: Senate GOP: Let Us Destroy UAW, Or We'll Destroy the Economy (375 comments)

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  •  Time to nail the Repugs to the wall (8+ / 0-)

    As a party the Dems should be shouting from the rooftops about how the Repugs are all for Wall St. and bailing out CEO's...but giving loans with oversight for 5% the cost to try and save hundreds of thousands of jobs? They'd rather try to kill unions.
    Shows how much a friend they are of the working man, working woman and working families.

    Didn't Jefferson say something about a government that no longer works for the good of its people, that the people have a right to oppose it, even to the point of taking up arms against it?

    While I do not advocate violence I am at the point of declaring the national Republican party with their actions, their hostility to working people, their total effing of the economy for the benefit of a few, has become an enemy to me, my livelihood, my family and its future. And these same knuckleheads think i have a right to defend myself from perceived threats. Well i perceive the Repugs to be a threat.

    Blue is blue and must be that. But yellow is none the worse for it - Edith Sidebottom

    by kenwards on Thu Dec 11, 2008 at 12:18:19 PM PST

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