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View Diary: Senate GOP: Let Us Destroy UAW, Or We'll Destroy the Economy (375 comments)

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  •  Democrats favored those measures (0+ / 0-)

    so the republicans didn't need 60 votes.

    •  And the Republicans Who Are Left (4+ / 0-)
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      Duckman GR, Ken in MN, jds1978, chrome327

      Are largely in the south, with every motivation to vote against the Big Three auto companies because their bread is buttered by the foreign auto companies, and any opportunity to castrate important, active labor unions is a good day for Republicans.

      The Earth's 23.44 degree axial tilt in relation to its orbital plane is the REASON FOR THE SEASON.

      by karateexplosions on Thu Dec 11, 2008 at 12:45:01 PM PST

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      •  Too bad it will end up... (4+ / 0-)

        ...killing the implants as well.  Once the Big 3 fail the parts suppliers will soon follow.  Then the Japanese and Germans will close their US factories and it's lights out...

      •  The Republicans are *helping* the Big 3. (1+ / 0-)
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        Nurse Jeckell

        They are doing exactly what the CEOs of the Big 3 were hoping for: getting the current contracts with the UAW scrapped without the companies having to file for bankruptcy. People here are being played like a violin by the Big 3. This is all a charade. I'll explain.

        First of all, GM and Ford have plants in the south.

        GM has assembly plants and SPO (Service Parts and Operations) in:
        Doraville, GA
        Bowling Green, KY
        Shreveport, LA
        Jackson, MS
        Charlotte, NC
        Spring Hill, TN

        Ford has assembly plants in:
        Atlanta, GA
        Louisville, KY
        Norfolk, VA

        Those are all union operations. The thing is, for the Big 3 this is a win-win: if they don't get the bailout then they can try to scrap their union contracts through bankruptcy. If they do get the bailout, their friends in Congress (including in the Republican Party - yes, the Big 3 grease the Republicans' palms all the time) will do it so that the UAW is forced into a corner: either agree to even more sweeping concessions than in the last contracts (where, for the first time ever, the UAW agreed to a two-tiered system that will pay new hires $14/hr) or get blamed for "destroying the economy". What choice will the UAW have?

        This couldn't have worked out better for the corrupt and incompetent scumbags running the Big 3. They must be loving every second of this phony theater being played out in Washington right now, as well as chuckling over how many people they've duped into supporting them (including here).

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