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View Diary: Senate GOP: Let Us Destroy UAW, Or We'll Destroy the Economy (375 comments)

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    Not sure if you are more concerned with getting political cache out of this or if you give a crap about the industry. The fact is that the union costs of the big 3 are nearly double the foreign automakers costs. This is not a charity, it is a company. No profit, no job. It's that simple. Socializing corporations will not solve it, the soviets tried and failed. So either the unions get paid what they are worth or they lose their jobs. It's not a point of argument, just simple economics. People will eventually see that bailouts do not work. They should be allowed to fail, go bankrupt and rebuild. You cannot avoid the pain by borrowing more money from china to pay union pensions, unemployment and healthcare.

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      ideological union bashing.  If your fucking party wasn't blocking centralized, sensible healthcare, the cost per vehicle would drop $2000 per vehicle (just like they have everywhere else that manufactures cars.)  Open your fucking eyes, read, and quit this crap blaming labor.

      -7.88, -6.72. "Wherever law ends, tyranny begins."--John Locke IMPEACH THE BASTARDS!!!

      by caseynm on Thu Dec 11, 2008 at 09:28:42 PM PST

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