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  •  hooray for Joe The Plumber! (4+ / 0-)
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    And here, with all this "Joe the Plumber" business, the Republicans were all concerned with the blue-collar working man.

    Too bad that, once again, that's just rhetoric, that doesn't match their results.   When it comes to crunch time, their actions prove they're a lot more concerned with Phil the C.E.O. than they are with Dave The Autoworker.  

    A lot of Michigan is already turned to ghost towns, and with the way things are going it could be almost a ghost state in a decade or two.  The Republicans don't give a damn... all their friends are super-rich donors, and they don't have any use for blue-collar workers.

    Unless, of course, they need a handy stage prop.  A plan which, luckily for them,  some of them are dumb enough to play along with.

    Priorities are clear now.  We need to store this one away to throw in Republican's faces next time they try that "we're the friends of the working man" bullshit that McCain and Pailhead tried to trot out at the end of the campaign.

    "Does anybody know what the difference between a bulldog and a hockey mom is? The bulldog gets vetted!" - Bob Barr

    by Front Toward Enemy on Fri Dec 12, 2008 at 09:54:22 AM PST

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