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  •  Do Repubs Even Consider Societal Cohesion (3+ / 0-)
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    Brian Bell, cotterperson, chrome327

    Where is working for the common good even as we try to make industries and corporations responsible to the greater society and our nation?  Evidently the greater good of our nation is not a concern of republicans, as you clearly express.

    I worry that we are losing focus upon people and have for a long time now, where ownership of things and wealth was used as a yardstick rather than a person's ability to contribute to the society in general whether through work or through community support.  From this perhaps the actions of the greedy few and their enablers point to the loss of social cohesion and the idea that we need to work towards a public good.  Perhaps consumerism and unregulated markets killed this.

    The upshot is that we may very well have such little societal cohesion that any recovery and rebuilding becomes harder and harder.  I hope it has not become near impossible.

    Grew up in Hamtramck and the Detroit suburbs and it pains me to see what has been happening.  Yet, I count myself lucky that I will be moving back to Michigan in the near future.  Are people even aware of some of the innovative green consttruction practices and energy efficient design and construction that is now happening in Michigan?  I just hope that there will be something to build when this is all over.

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