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View Diary: Tales from Auto Industry Bailout's Ground Zero (288 comments)

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  •  I was laid off last week .. (3+ / 0-)

    and there were no hearings for my job.  No one fought for my family.

    We have not put out lights nor will we put up a tree this year.  Christmas will not be coming for us.

    Both my husband and I are now unemployed.

    We will not get a bail-out nor will there ever be a hope of one.

    If we lose our house, likely no one will notice, let alone be concerned.

    I am not the only one.  We are not the only ones. My children will not be the only ones.

    I just wanted to make these observations to help build the larger perspective.  

    I never worked in a factory.  I spent my early years going to school on scholarships and worked as a TA through grad school. Always making a very minor fraction of an auto-worker or someone in the trades.

    As a scientist, my career suffered during Bush's scientific pogroms and my career wilted during a time that it was meant to blossom.  No funding.

    No bail out.

    A different perspective.

    I am VERY concerned about Michigan because, whether there is a bail out or not, the times have changed and large auto makers will never find the profitable hegemony they once enjoyed.

    Real change would be finding a way to re-tool Michigan's mechanical heart and point it in the direction of a low carbon and then carbon-free energy world.

    Without that hard work, it is all good money after bad because this car and oil and infernal combustion engine thing?  Problems with it aint going away, aint gonna get better, and it is almost guaranteed to get worse, and soon.

    Its time for all of us to take the Red Pill because running in place, dreaming about a dead unsustainable future of infinite growth for everyone is the definition of irresponsible.

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