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  •  Where GOTV is most useful: (none)
    Sam Wang recalculated Thursday the states where solid blue state voters can make most statistical difference in amplifying their vote by giving effort elsewhere:

    To revisit my previous calculation of where you are most effective in your door-to-door activism: the current value of a single vote in the top states is (measured in kilojerseyvotes): Hawaii 29.1, Colorado 6.1, Minnesota 4.6, Florida 4.4, and Ohio 4.3. If sentiments shift 1% towards or away from Kerry relative to polls, the top states are the same except that Minnesota is replaced by Iowa. Other values of relevance are New Hampshire 2.4, Nevada 1.9 and Pennsylvania 1.4. (Parenthetically, the jerseyvote is declining in value like a Weimar Reichsmark.)

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