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    FOX quoting Plain Dealer article about dual registrations in Florida and Ohio implying its the evil democrats. The article contains this:
    Double registrations cross party lines: About 11,000 Republicans and 9,600 Democrats are registered in both states.
    There are actually more Republicans than Democrats!!!

    Charges of democratic districts with more voters than voting age adults recorded in Census. University Of Pennsylvania explored it 2 years ago and found this:
    When researchers compared the EDS figures with data for eligible voting-age residents drawn from the 2000 U.S. Census, they determined that in the 2000 presidential election there were more registered voters than voting-age residents in Alaska and Montana and that 32 states have at least one county with more registered voters than eligible voters. This determination led them to the conclusion that registration rolls in these, and many other counties and states, are grossly inaccurate
    Those democratic bastions in Alaska and Montana!!!
    Have a diary up with links but it is sinking in the morass.

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