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  •  Challenge the President's vote! (none)
    This stinks all around, coming from the Leader by Lawsuit. He couldn't pass the test he's imposing on others, and now he's trying to shred their rights even further.

    White House argues to deny voting-rights lawsuits to public
    LA Times, David G. Savage and Richard B. Schmitt


    [quote] Bush administration lawyers argued in three closely contested states last week that only the Justice Department, and not voters themselves, may sue to enforce the voting rights set out in the Help America Vote Act, which was passed in the aftermath of the disputed 2000 election. Veteran voting-rights lawyers expressed surprise at the government's action, saying that closing the courthouse door to aspiring voters would reverse decades of precedent. [...]

    in legal briefs filed in connection with cases in Ohio, Michigan and Florida, the administration's lawyers said the new law gives Attorney General John Ashcroft the exclusive power to bring lawsuits to enforce its provisions. These include a requirement that states provide ``uniform and non-discriminatory'' voting systems. They also must give provisional ballots to those who say they have registered but whose names do not appear on the rolls.

    ``Congress clearly did not intend to create a right enforceable'' in court by individual voters, the Justice Department briefs said. [/quote]

    Democracy Now: Bush Administration Attempts To Overturn Decades of Legal Precedence & Block Voting Rights Lawsuits From Voters


    [quote] In legal briefs filed in Ohio, Michigan and Flordia, the Bush administration is arguing that only the Justice Department, and not voters themselves, may sue to enforce the voting rights set out in the Help America Vote Act which was passed after the 2000 election. [/quote]

    Democracy Now interview: Steve Mulroy, former Justice Department voting rights litigator. He now teaches law at the University of Memphis. 04/10/29 Transcript at link

    PLEASE, any NAACP, voters rights groups or those more knowledgeable than myself on voters' rights issues -- that would be plenty of you :-) -- CONTEST THE PRESIDENT'S ELIGIBILITY AS A VOTER ON ELECTION DAY. At the very least, report him as a potentially fraudulent voter to bogus GOP "fraud squads" and make it a matter of public record before election day.

    I don't mean this as partisan harassment. I'd be against any candidate benefitting from voter suppression. GWB's military records released as an eleventh hour news dump, combined with new reports showing that what he claimed as "volunteer work" at the PULL drug rehab was mandated service cast doubt that he honestly filled out the voter registration he would have to submit to vote in Crawford, Texas. (Not sure whether he'd have a new reg for DC.)

    I'm against all frivolous challenges to voters. It's just plain wrong that GWB should benefit from what the GOP is maliciously imposing on others in a national strategy of voter suppressi -- when he couldn't pass the test himself! He's refused to answer questions about past cocaine use and has dodged signing jury duty and other forms that contain similar requirements to declare unresolved criminal penalties. And now his WH lawyers are trying to innoculate him from penalty?

    No, unh unh -- maybe it worked in 2000 but not this time. (I'm researching this further and sending it to voters' rights groups and activists to see if someone can pose a strong challenge. Please email me at or post if you have suggestions.)

    This machine fights fascism - motto on Woody Guthrie's guitar

    by Peanut on Sun Oct 31, 2004 at 05:38:56 PM PST

    •  Man (none)
      Honestly, you've got to wonder where the fucking outrage from our media is.

      "If they don't do their duty by the Democratic Party, they are the most ungrateful people in the world!" -Harry Truman

      by DWCG on Sun Oct 31, 2004 at 10:54:36 PM PST

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