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  •  Who's up for some paranoia ? (none)
    One day before election the military put into service a system could theoritcally be used to jam any type of sat communications, including radio-tv, internet up-down links, satelite telephones, etc...

    Washington could now, in theory, shut down just about every modern form of world communications at will.. [the same eletromag waves that mute satellites can mute cellphones, radios, local TV broadcast...]

    They could virtually shut us off from the rest of the world if they wanted to.

    Better dig out and dust off the CB radios! Cable TV, DSL and Cable modems would still work, (but not accross the Atlantic)

    The device was put into service considerably earlier than had been projected': February 2004 plans indicated the completion date would be 2010

    Yahoo! News - U.S. Deploys Satellite Jamming System

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Air Force quietly has put into service a new weapon designed to jam enemy satellite communications

    The so-called Counter Communications System was declared operational late last month at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs, the Air Force Space Command said on Friday in e-mailed replies to questions from Reuters.

    The ground-based jammer uses electromagnetic radio frequency energy to knock out transmissions on a temporary and reversible basis, without frying components, the command said.

    The device appears to have been put into service considerably earlier than had been projected by the Air Force as recently as February.

    [On February 2004], a long-range planning document... said such a system would let the United States by 2010

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    by lawnorder on Sun Oct 31, 2004 at 09:28:59 PM PST

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