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View Diary: Voter fraud and disenfranchisement (136 comments)

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  •  This is nonsense (3.00)
    How does this sort of fraud happen!

    Where I come from (New Zealand) all voting information comes from an independent body (Electoral Commission) and no one else can publish any information about where and when to vote (especially political parties).

    I know the US presidential election is governed by each state and the Electoral College chooses the President, but this level of corruption is unknown outside the US.

    I know NZ only has 2.5 million voters and is really a single state electorally, but the exposure the level of cronysism prevalent (what's new) in US politics is astounding.

    I think Kerry will win (For God's sake he must!) but wouldn't it be ironic if Kerry were 537 votes ahead in Florida and the Supreme Court (Stephen G. Breyer's condisered dissent aside) reversed their entire 2000 Bush vs Gore argument to give the election to Bush.


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