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View Diary: Wind is king, biofuels are bunk (118 comments)

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  •  It comes down to a series of (1+ / 0-)
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    Factors which at the end of the day is usually price per KW over the lifetime of the project;


    The interesting thing about your comparison of "a 1GW plant for $1 that had a 1% capacity factor, that'd obviously be a much better decision than a 1gW plant for $100 million" is that given just these two plants, I know I'm getting power when I turn on the lights with the 1gW plant.

    Nuclear pricing is actually rather good specially since these plants are being paid off and their are no more payments on the notes.


    •  Baseload is an entirely different issue (0+ / 0-)

      You were discussing capacity factor before, but we can discuss baseload vs. intermittent if you'd rather.  :)

      Indeed, nuclear is baseload, and this is one of its biggest selling points -- not its capacity factor, which is offset by its extremely high capital costs.  But a couple points:

      1. Not all non-nuclear renewables are non-baseload.  High-altitude wind is baseload.  EGS is baseload.  Space solar is baseload.  OTEC is baseload.  Ocean current is baseload.  Tidal is baseload.  Hydro is baseload plus storage.  And so on down the line.  
      1. Intermittent is fine if you have an appropriate combination of long-distance transmission (eg., a HVDC network like the Obama administration wants to build) and/or storage.  Storage isn't only dedicated facilities -- pumped hydro, compressed air, etc.  It's also things like battery-electric vehicles on a smart grid (another thing Obama wants to build).  Or conventional hydro, which inherently has energy storage (ramp up when you want more, down when you want less).

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