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  •  That's B.S (0+ / 0-)

    I frankly dont believe Wright did what he did to help Obama.

    I think Wright was pissed Obama criticized him during the race speech and decided he was going on TV and  teach Obama a lesson , but never expected Obama to really viciously denounce him like he did.

    This idea that Wright was trying to help Obama , is really stupid..The way Wright could had help is by not showing up at a press conference and letting the story die down.

    By showing up , what he did was put fuel in the fire and give the story more legs.

    •  Consider the Bill Moyers-Wright Interview (1+ / 0-)
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      ...only a couple of evenings before the infamous nationally televised speech and press conference.  In the Moyers interview, Wright presented himself in convincingly rational, reassuring manner that seemed tailor-made to convince viewers that the image that had been presented of him by the press, politicians, and short clips of his sermons had seriously misrepresented his actual message and what he as a man and preacher were actually all about.  He came across in the Moyers interview as a brilliant, sociable, rationally sensible man who was not at all the sort of angry America-hating black radical he was falsely painted as being; one could see in the interview why a smart man like Obama would hang out with this guy for 20 years as his preacher.  He also came across as a man very much composed, self-aware, and in control of himself.

      Wright's presentation two days at the speech/press conference was very sharply different in tone and composure from the Moyers interview.  THAT, as much as anything, is what suggested to me that at some point in the intervening two days, Wright came to the conclusion that no matter how many Moyers-like interviews he gave, no matter what he did, it would never be enough to disarm the problems his associations with Obama had created.  That's why I think it's highly possible (though I of course cannot say this with certainty) that Wright decided to go over the top two days later and force Obama to renounce him, as a self-sacrifical act.  After all, Wright was imminently due to go into retirement as pastor of his church anyway, and really had nothing to lose at that point - even if he didn't force a break and Obama got elected, Obama would have had to keep a wide distance from Wright anyway to avoid inadvertently resurrecting any unfortuate issues.

      •  AGAIN , BULLSHIT (0+ / 0-)

        Jesus christ...I just cant believe how far people would go to protect Wright and by applauding him because they feel he did this to help Obama.

        Again , this is complete bullshit...Wright has a huge ego and he saw this as an opportunity to showboat and couldnt care less about anything else.

        Im sure many Obama people reached out to him and let him know the best way he could help Obama is by staying low..This had to be told to him.

        The controversy was dying off when Wright decided to put it back on frontpage.

        Also , Obama took HUGE flock for this..His poll number went down after Wright went on his interviews.

        Also , Wright said Obama was behaving like a typical politician and didnt mean what he was saying...This to me doesnt sound like a man who's trying to help Obama....He was clearly telling folks not to trust Obama.

        At the end of the day , the electorate felt Obama did whatever he had to do to keep his presidential bid alive when he decided to throw Wright overboat,,,And Wright said exactly that during his press conference.


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