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  •  "Trainees" sent for free (6+ / 0-)

    Another fraud that is part of H1B marketing is that the body shop will contract a certain number of workers, perhaps three, that are on H1B and paid a wage that is arguably "prevailing".  Then, they will send an extra worker as a trainee, on a temporary training visa.  I think it is an "L" visa.    I worked beside a "trainee" who had his Masters degree in IT, and six years experience.  They don't charge for the trainee, but it effectively brings down the cost of the four workers.  Four for the price of three.  

    It also avoids the limits set by the H1B caps.

    I have to say that H1B is NOT slavery.   This analogy is as bad as comparing things to the Holocaust.   Slavery is way worse than H1B will ever be.

    That said, H1B should go.  It is not fair to the rest of us in IT, or to the H1 worker to tie him/her to a specific company for six years.

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