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    RunawayRose, A Siegel

    I've had 2 prolonged outages: a 7-day one in the summer due to a hurricane; and an 11-day period in the dead of winter from an ice storm. As you can imagine, there's a huge difference in the ability to improvise based on the weather, hours of daylight, etc.

    Because I'm 1/2 mile in the woods with no other houses on my line, I'm usually one of the last to get power back.  I was out this Fri - Sat. for 30 hours.  Two or three days isn't unusual.  I keep about 15 -20 gallons of water on hand, as well as
    a couple of rechargeable lanterns.

    I live pretty simply and can get by, but as I'm now about 30 years beyond my DFH days when I moved here, I'd like to have another alternative to completely relying on my own physical strength to carry wood and water.

    I like the idea of a UPS for its versatlity, and the solar panel would make it even more useful, I think.

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