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View Diary: Solar Power: Making the right choice, the easy choice ... (260 comments)

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  •  What would be amazing ... (0+ / 0-)

    is if it became as 'easy' as having someone come in to look at putting in blinds, redesigning a kitchen, putting in new windows, putting in a deck, changing a furnace (upgrades & all), etc ... There are lots of "projects" that are very easy to get someone in a home where there are some degree of "site specific" issues and, as well, choices to be made.  

    Yes, on solar, need to take the measurements as to the quality of the resource on site. And, need to provide reasonable "options" for that site (# kw capacity/ estimate of kWh per year; how much hot water via solar; etc ...).  

    But, I would argue that it is not "easy" even before considering the "individual site conditions". And, there are plenty of home retrofit situations where the "individual site conditions" matter outside the solar industry where that is not an obstacle to getting things done.

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