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View Diary: Wall St. Bailout: Exec Pay Limits 'Effectively Repealed' By WH (170 comments)

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    Honestly, the fact Congress tried to imply there were limits was absurd.  We had warning after warning from Congress representatives saying it was all show.

    Over on EP, we had the text of the bill up and were amplifying this point.

    While the auto industry was denied or no one bothered to tie jobs to Americans instead of the $8.1 Billion invested by GM in China and India over the past several years (while losing billions!) or how GM was hiring 500 in India and lord knows the fact Citigroup fired 50,000 people and also offshore outsourced to India an over $2 Billion dollar contract to TATA.

    The fact AIG doubled it's executive pay also went flying by.

    So, it's not just the White House, it's also Congress for approving that blank check taxpayer giveaway in the first place.  

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