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  •  Don't count on the Feds stepping in... (4.00)
    Actually, while it may not go unanswered, it's possible that the courts would throw out the case while giving Rethugs an excellent excuse to say that Democrats are anti-religion.  

    #  Republicans plastered cars at church parking lots with literature and had literature in some church bulletins today. However, a grass-roots people of faith organization of local donors had a full-page ad in the local newspaper that should counter it.

    It depends on the nature of the literature and of the district.  Right-to-Life, for example, asks every candidate their opinion.  Lake County, Indiana "boasts" at least one Democrat who would ban an abortion that saved the mother's life, and RTL duly reports it.  Hence it is arguably nonpartisan.  The same is probably true about gay marriages and civil unions.  

    Leafletting is technically trespassing.  It would be up to the church or the owner of the leafletted car to make a complaint.  

    # The largest Catholic church had outside its parking lot two Bushies with signs: a beautiful baby with Bush = life and an aborted fetus Kerry = death. DCDemocrat quickly formed a counter-demonstration and formed a much larger Catholics for Kerry group to stand next to them.

    Here, a link between the parish and the right-to-lifers would need to be established.  The group may be unaffiliated with the parish.  "In front" of a church often means a sidewalk or easement used by pedestrians, which is considered public property.  

    Beyond the bad publicity that an IRS investigation of a church would inflict on the complainant and the IRS itself, most parish churches (outside megachurches, of course), would pay very little if they were incorporated.  So the IRS has valid reasons to keep its nose out.  

    And if the IRS goes after churches of the Religious Right, that African-American church that invited Kerry to speak this morning would be next on the list.  

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