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    ek hornbeck

    Many comments about tender crust, yogurt, vinegar, etc.

    The most important thing about getting a tender crust is to use proper flour. Many people are satisfied with their pie crusts, but if you are not, perhaps you are using all purpose flour. Unbleached is the worst, bleached is not as bad (neither is as bad as bread flour, but nobody uses that, right?) Even if you use bleached instead of unbleached, about a third of the flour mixture should be instant flour.

    A better solution is to use pastry flour, a low-protein (low gluten) flour such as White Lily, or cake flour.

    These comments apply outside the South. I'm not a Southerner, but I have read that in the South, some so-called all purpose flours are low protein. One professional baker has written that Gold Medal flour she bought in Tennessee was low protein, although she talked to a Gold Medal customer service person who swore Gold Medal flours are the same wherever they are purchased.

    Last week I discovered whole wheat pastry flour, thanks to a comment by nicolemm. I wonder how that would work in pie crust. It would be an interesting and perhaps very good taste variation, for one thing.

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