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  •  Doubt it? (0+ / 0-)

    In a blind resume comparison with her competitors, there is no question she is not the most deserving, but as icky Bloomberg said, "and she's a Kennedy!"

    •  She IS Most Qualified (1+ / 0-)
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      Miss Blue

      I'll take any Kennedy for a NY Senate seat.  She'll be fabulous.

      •  Really? (0+ / 0-)

        Take her resume, remove her name, and put it up against the other people who are contenders, and you think she's most qualified?  I strongly disagree.  But hey, I'm just some chick in Brooklyn, NY who didn't vote for Hillary or Bloomberg, so clearly I tend away from the big name, predestined candidates.

        If you really think that, a lot of Manhattan's ladies who lunch and spend their significant amounts of free time on corporate boards in connection with issues like education would like to send you a lot of love letters.

    •  I have no problem with Caroline (5+ / 0-)
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      Miss Blue, CParis, jpw, RadioGirl, Kat08
      1. Is she a Kennedy? Yes, but that doesn't mean she is not qualified. She has stayed largely under the radar but is well regarded as an author and philanthropist. Her family connections actually help her in this regard, since politics is the "family business" for the Kennedys and has been the focus of her life since she was a small child living in the white house. She is hardly a neophyte who is unfamiliar with the issues we face.
      1. Does she deserve a Senate seat? What does one have to do to earn the position? Have served in an elected office before? Al Franken hasn't ever run for office and Obama had much less "experience" than any of this primary opponents or John McCain, so I don't quite buy the argument that more experience is always better.
      1. She didn't run a campaign and win an election. But she doesn't have to - the seat is appointed by the governor. For what it's worth, polls in NY State show her as the overwhelming favorite, so it's not like the "people" don't want her. And given the current state of electoral politics, it is not necessarily a bad thing that she has not had to sully herself with all the fund raising and false advertising that comes with winning an election. She'll get a chance to run again in 2 years and if she does a good job - as I am sure she will - she will be able to win it "legitimately."
      1. Star power is a fact of American politics. People like name-brands and tend to gravitate to those that are familiar to them. The "Kennedy" brand stands for a particular type of liberal politics and policy-making that I support, and I am sure that Caroline would provide in the Senate.

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