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  •  if the shoe fits--update (1+ / 0-)
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    there may be many more to add--but here's two.


    Jay Rockefeller*(nephew of gov. and VP) (also son and grandson of one of the richest men in the world).


    Dan Lipinski * (son of retiring Congressman in district)
    Jim Cooper * (son of governor)

    It's about oligarchy and plutocracy vs. democracy.  Democracy is taking a beating.

    We need campaign finance reform and govt. funded elections to help level the playing field.  And when we have a chance for a senate appointment, we can give a boost to working-class or minority candidates who otherwise would have a tough time launching a statewide campaign.

    That does not mean Caroline Kennedy, Andrew Cuomo, Lisa Madigan or Dan Hynes.  

    If the shoe fits? (0+ / 0-)
    Check out these dynasty pols (Dems marked with *)

    Senate (House of Lords?)

    John Sununu (son of governor)
    Judd Gregg (son of governor)
    Chris Dodd (son of senator)*
    Evan Bayh (son of senator)*
    Mark Pryor (son of senator)*
    Lisa Murkowski (daughter of senator/governor)
    Ted Kennedy (brother of president/senator) *
    Bob Casey (son of governor) *
    Elizabeth Dole (wife of senator)
    Olympia Snowe (wife of former gov.)
    Hillary Clinton (wife of president)*
    Mary Landrieu (daughter of New Orleans mayor)*
    Jay Rockefeller (nephew of governor and vice-president)


    Tom Udall (son of congressman and Interior Secretary) *
    Mark Udall (son of congressman)*
    Mark Begich (son of Congressman)*

    in the next Senate, that's 11 Dems and 3 Republicans


    Dan Boren *
    Russ Carnahan *
    Kathy Castor *
    Ben Chandler *
    Jim Cooper *
    Mario Diaz-Balart
    Stephanie Herseth Sandlin *
    Jesse Jackson Jr. *
    Patrick Kennedy *
    Bob Latta
    Dan Lipinski *
    Connie Mack IV
    Mary Bono Mack
    Jim Matheson *
    Kendrick Meek *
    Nancy Pelosi *
    Lucille Roybal-Allard *
    Linda Sanchez *
    John Sarbanes *
    Bill Shuster
    Niki Tsongas *

    Ben Lujan *

    That's 17 Dems and 5 Repubs

    And that's not even looking at

    George H.W. Bush (son of senator)
    George W. Bush (son of president)
    Gov. Jeb Bush (son of president)
    Al Gore (son of senator) *
    Gov. Mitt Romney (son of governor)
    Gov. Kathleen Sebelius (daughter of governor) *
    Gov. Chet Culver (son of senator) *
    presumptive future senator
    Beau Biden (DE) *
    short list for IL senator
    Lisa Madigan*,
    Dan Hynes*

    Caroline Kennedy *
    Andrew Cuomo *

    •  "democracy is taking a beating" (0+ / 0-)

      No, rationality is taking a beating. The Jacksons and Bidens are plutocrats and oligarchs? You're confusing completely different ideas. If you want to elminate plutocracy, ban corporate lobbyists and corporate campaign spending. Hell, ban corporations period.

    •  Agreed! (1+ / 0-)
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      I saw some politician on TV talking about Caroline Kennedy saying that she hadn't "earned her stripes" and how he hoped his son would one day go into politics

      That's the LEAST of my worries. This man acted as if being a politician is a worthy resume builder. I'd rather NOT elect a lifelong politician.

      My worry is that sons and daughters consider seats to be their own.

      Democratic or Republican, it's a horrible trend and has to be stopped. Where are all our DFA candidates? We need a new batch ready to go in 2010. I am not voting for anyone with ANY relation to a current politician

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