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  •  Princess Caroline. (1+ / 0-)
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    That's a fair point.  Dismissive.  

    I think we haven't seen her fundraising or campaigning ability for herself at all, though.  That's a worry.  Others have noted she's not great responding to questions, etc.  Raising $$ for phenon Obama is one thing, but raising $$ for yourself when you don't gloam to the public lights, who knows?  Maybe she'll show herself to be great at it.  I just look at this as a hiring situation, and I would base such a hiring decision on the resume, in comparison to the job description.

    It's not my biggest issue in the world.  Frankly, as a woman, I'm glad it's a woman - is that messed up?  Probably.  I'm not going to jump out a window if it's her.  I just wouldn't choose this way.

    •  " I just wouldn't choose this way." (0+ / 0-)

      "This way" is a result of certain historical facts: Clinton left her seat. NY laws says it gets filled by appointment. Someone must be appointed. CKS is qualified and available. Maybe Paterson will pick her, unless he can find a better choice. No one here -- including you -- has suggested better choices.

      •  I disagree that she's qualified. (0+ / 0-)

        From my law practice and the wealthy mothers of friends, I know a lot of the Manhattan ladies who lunch.  I think the work they do on their boards and charities is commendable, but it's not of the same caliber as a legislator.  

        I think a number of people who have "pulled a Lowey" (i.e. bowed out because someone better connected wanted the job) were and are more qualified.  Nydia Velazquez and Louise Slaughter come to mind.

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