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View Diary: Bush issues health care 'conscience' rule (371 comments)

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  •  In much the same way signing statements (3+ / 0-)
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    Can completely gut legislation while at the same time "signing it into law."

    In this particular case, because the president is in charge of regulation over agencies he's able to determine how they spend money. Now, from a legal point of view, because this is is not "in harmony with" the legislation, it can be challenged by Congress and probbaly the courts as well. The thing of it is that it would take someone with balls (metaphorically) in Congress, and enough people with stones (again metaphorically) to back that person up to actually overturn this.

    Thankfully Obama can undo this the day he gets elected (and I can't see him not) probably before it has time to do more than superficial damage.

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