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View Diary: Bush issues health care 'conscience' rule (371 comments)

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  •  The regulation is also filled with language (1+ / 0-)
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    ... about encouraging cultural diversity in healthcare and making sure that people of all cultural backgrounds feel comfortable working in healthcare environments.

    Republicans will be able to point to their track record of encouraging workplace diversity and attack Democrats for reversing it.

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      Yeah.  My cultural beliefs are in witchcraft, demons and hell, and I truely believe good health care consists of laying on of hands, exorcism, and the healing power of prayer, but I really, really want to practice medicine in the 21st century.

      It's a rather sad LOL, though, since the Republicans could probably get away with framing such nonsense as "cultural diversity."

      No offence meant, of course, to the pagans out there who are using spells, herbs and enchantments to heal people. We know you are not the cultural diversity the Republicans intend to promote.

      •  Some thoughts in no particular order (0+ / 0-)

        They could get away with it among their own, but on second thought, I believe people at large aren't as ready to buy the Republicans' BS anymore when they have access to facts.

        There's actually quite a bit of controversy about complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) in medical schools and federal grants.

        I'd hate to see a law requiring physicians to offer "alternative" cures alongside evidence-based medicine (similar to requirements that abortion providers include information on the development of the fetus, and present alternatives to abortion). Regulations like this one have far-reaching implications.

        A lot of right-wingers are into "natural" cures, herbs, and vitamins. They might be fine with mandated information on alternative health.

        Of course, some of what's now "alternative" will make it into mainstream medicine some day, as many herbs, relaxation techniques, and novel procedures already have. At that time, they'll be part of treatment protocols and practices, so even then, there'd be no basis for government involvement.

        If a real pagan were working in the local ER, and doing the job competently, right-wingers would raise holy hell when they found out, whether enchantments were used or not.

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