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  •  Bumpkin States (3+ / 0-)
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    This is the attitude I talk about in my comment to this post, below.  

    Dems need to lose this attitude, or lose AK to the Palins of the GOP, and other states with it.

    Is it a 50 State Strategy, or a Cool-vs-Bumpkin State Strategy?  Either way, it starts with expanding one's vision of what constitutes a Democrat country, and you can't get there from here by some kind of half-assed Neo-Segregationist attitude based on dismissing "bumpkins."

    Casual snarkiness is NOT cutting it, despite Obama's win, and I fear Dems will realize that as the glow of Obama's election and control of Congress begins to fade, given what he is inheriting from the sins of his forebears.  Yes, I said forebears, not predecessor.

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