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View Diary: Alaska 2010 poll cornucopia (111 comments)

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  •  Put your money where your mouth is Sarah! (0+ / 0-)

    Sarah Palin recently refused a pay raise for her job as Alaska's Governor.  If Sarah Palin really wants to put her money where her mouth is, she'd say "thanks but no thanks" to the Juneau Road to Nowhere and the Knik Arm Bridge to Nowhere!  Alaska got money for those projects in the same federal spending spree that gave them the other Bridge to Nowhere.  The total cost of both of these projects is well over $1 billion, and the decision is hers to cancel them or let them go forward.  That will be the true test of what's behind her fiscal conservative tough talk.  Check out for the details and this video about the crazy dangerous Juneau Road to Nowhere...

    •  Right. With close to a trillion coming (0+ / 0-)

      down the pike from Obama and a Democratic Congress in the name of Infrastructure! and Jobs! you'd turn around and bash her for heartlessness. She's not that dumb.

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