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View Diary: This Time, Maybe the Fine Will Fit the Crime (41 comments)

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  •  We need action against this stuff! (none)
    There's no shortage of laws against it. It's enforcement where things break down.

    Of course, some of the laws could use a little beefing up on the sentencing end of things, but basically, having laws on the books has little or nothing to do with actually preventing this stuff.

    I mean, robbing banks is still a relatively popular activity, given the stiff penalties it's supposed to carry.

    The point is this: getting caught pulling stunts like this usually results in nothing more than a slap on the wrist... and even when it does, that slap comes only when it's too late. The deed is done, the votes are suppressed, and the results are certified. The end.

    You can't vindicate the voters' rights. They don't get a chance to cast their ballots later. It's over, and plenty of political operatives are willing to pay the fine and move on to the next job as if nothing ever happened.

    Even when there's jail time involved, it's so much easier for local law enforcement officials to just cut a deal and get the case out of the system. And we're usually busy watching Fear Factor by that point, so no one's any the wiser.

    That's why I propose taking some action and holding people accountable in their communities.

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