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  •  You Know What Punked us in NC (none)
    The frailin' NRA. When did they start running ads for candidates?

    Burr isn't fit to breathe NC air, much less represent us. Bowles SHOULD win, but if he doesn't I will blame the NRA.

    I know some pretty ticked off Baptist NRA members against Burr that are not happy. About his politics mind you. Like they give a damn who the NRA endorses.

    Seriously, these 4 million NOBODIES for the gun lobby are starting to piss me off. What about the 40 million Democratic gun owners that just want to hunt but still have a decent country?

    I want payback. I'm tired of pandering to a corrupt partisan organiztion like the NRA. They should be exposed like the Stolen Honor funders they are. Corporate Republican hacks and lobbyists. And THEY have the audacity to talk about special interests in a Pro-Burr ad?

    Apologies to Dem NRA members, but you're money could be better served with the ACLU. Divest NRA.

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