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View Diary: Naming Names. Who are the OH cheaters? (13 comments)

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  •  OH anecdote from the VRWC (none)
    I saw an old friend from college the other day.

    He's a lawyer in Ohio, and he's one of the lawyers the GOP has mobilized to deal with voter challenges.  He jokingly refers to himself as part of the VRWC.

    I argued with him about what was going on in Ohio, and he explained what he's been doing.  He works in a small-population county, and what he's been doing is strictly on the up-and-up.  They've even helped some Democrats get their registration cleared up.

    After arguing for some time, he got quiet and confessed that he feared that the straight up activities of the smaller county GOP legal teams were being used as cover for crooked activities in urban areas.

    I won't share his name.  He's a good guy.

    •  That's not the name we need. (none)
      Although it's probably worth pointing out that some of the point of this activity is that everyone in the neighborhoods where the people I'm interested in live and work thinks these are good guys.

      That's how they get away with it.

      Of course, we do know that there are genuinely nice guys out there working honestly for the Republicans. But the larger problem is that even the rotten bastards are working hard to make sure that they remain pretty much anonymous, so that their neighbors and associates and coworkers never find out what they do after dark.

      You don't think someone, somewhere in Ohio is right now saying to themselves, "Wow, I really thought that Megan was a nice girl. I'm shocked"?

      Or at least, they would be saying it if we could shine enough light on the people and their stories to generate serious and sustained coverage.

      There are plenty of pressure points out there. For instance, does the University of Toledo have an Honor Code? Would Megan's activities be in violation of such a code? Why not find out?

      Your friend is no doubt a fine fellow. But even he expresses serious concerns about GOP efforts in urban areas. So, you know how this story goes, right? After the election, when Kerry wins and people decide they'd like to get to the bottom of these shenanigans, there are going to be people who want to know why your friend didn't do anything about it.

      Hopefully, we'll all be understanding. It's tough enough just to keep your own nose clean, much less stand up to the urban powerbrokers and call bullshit on them. And so while I won't think it's fair to hang your friend out to dry for not speaking up (though that'd be nice, as it always is when something good comes at no risk whatsoever to us), I will say I do hope that exposing the really seriously dirty tricksters to the shame, scrutiny and suspicion they deserve will make him think twice about providing cover for anyone ever again.

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