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View Diary: Naming Names. Who are the OH cheaters? (13 comments)

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  •  Jefferson County, OH (none)
    Steubenville resident Edward (Ed Pankus) filed 171 voter registration challenges in Jefferson County, OH.  The names of the challengees was printed in the legal section of the Steubenville Herald-Star on October 25th.  Last Thursday the county election board held a hearing on the challenges but Mr. Pankus didn't show up and the challenges were dropped.  He later sent a statement to the local newspaper but didn't address why he did not appear at the hearing. Mr. Pankus works for a company called Cercorp, based in Steubenville OH and at one time was apparently affiliated with Christians United for the Faith, also based in Steubenville OH.  Pertinent information is in my last two diary entries.

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