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View Diary: The Bible Does Not (I Repeat, NOT) Condemn Homosexuality (170 comments)

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    the phrase "lying with" as used in this context is pretty consistently used for sexual intercourse in other parts of the Bible.  The most thorough examination of the verses are in an issue of the Journal of the History of Sexuality, where the author makes clear that (a) it most likely refers to anal sex and not anything else; (b) the issue is the mixing of semen and shit; (c) it's isolated to a subsection of Leviticus called the Holiness Code - there are several other legal sections on sexual ethics that include the other prohibitions (incest, bestiality), but not same-sex desire; (d) which means it's probably a fairly late addition to the Israelite legal corpus; and finally (e) unlike other Ancient Near Eastern legal texts prescribes punishment for both partners (and unlike some Roman laws, which prescribed death for the "passive" partner only).

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