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View Diary: The Bible Does Not (I Repeat, NOT) Condemn Homosexuality (170 comments)

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    I honestly do not understand how anyone can read Romans and come to any other conclusion than that the bible does not approve of homosexuality. But then, I also don't understand how anyone can read Romans and not think it a bunch of crazy ramblings. The same can be said of Leviticus and Revelations. And, with even a cursory inspection, verses will be found in deffering parts of the bible that do not agree on basic hisorical accounts. . . for example, the numbers killed in the same battles often disagree when recounted in differing books.

    All that can be said good about the bible is in the lessons of Jesus: to love one another as we love ourselves and to forgive. But no one ever walked on water or brought corpses, rotting in the hot desert sun, back to life. That is why Jefferson cut those parts out of his "Jeffersons Bible". We should all do the same and get on with loving others.

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