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View Diary: Will Obama jettison Bush's Vision for Space? New Poll. (137 comments)

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    And its not just the issue of up mass - down mass is as much an issue as up mass, and building a business around reliance upon Soyuz would make many investors nervous.  And there isn't a reliable down mass method, anywhere.  

    No way, no how does Barney Frank vote for joyrides for random tourists. Science is a fig leaf used to help cobble together enough votes to fund human spaceflight.

    And yet he still doesn't vote for it.  That should tell us something.  The fig leaf we have is from pork, not "science".

    Thats a situation I find entirely unsatisfying.  If we are truly decades or even centuries away from cheap, reliable access to space, then I am with Barney - end any real push of human spaceflight.  

    Its time for space to grow up, and either prove itself, or not.  

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