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  •  Trick for mashed potatoes (15+ / 0-)

    OK. I learned this years ago and it still gets raves for making fluffy mashed potato casserole.  After the spuds are chopped in cubish pieces, boil in salted water.  When fork tender, drain in colindar.  Then return spuds to pan and return to burner to steam out all water retained in the spuds.  
    Blast with heat while stirring until excess water is steamed away.  Then run through a ricer and add your favorite ingredients; I use a little butter, a dash of cream cheese, a spoon of sour cream, fresh ground nutmeg, kosher salt and ground pepper.  
    Can be made ahead, put in buttered casserole for heating on the day of the meal.

    Yummy.  Even good without the fats added.The trick is the steaming process.  Enjoy

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