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  •  we just called 'em fried potatoes (8+ / 0-)

    Take a bunch of peeled cooked red potatoes; cut in wedges, then slice crosswise about 1/4" thick.

    Heat bacon grease (you can use canola oil, but it just doesn't taste the same) on med-high heat in heavy skillet. Add potatoes, sprinkle with paprika & fry until crispy, turning every 2-3 minutes. Serve with gravy, catsup, or just as is.

    Mom tells a story about one of the first holiday dinners she cooked for both her and dad's sides of the family. Her mom watched her slice a boatload of potatoes, while heating bacon grease in her biggest cast-iron skillet, her dutch oven, and her big electric skillet. Grandma said 'How many are you expecting, anyway?' Mom replied that the men in Dad's family (all 3 of them) could put away fried potatoes like nobody's business. Grandma was afraid they'd be eating potatoes the rest of the week, but Mom claims there were no leftovers.

    •  My ex-MIL said that she would peel and (4+ / 0-)
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      mamabigdog, joyful, dotalbon, Dr Teeth

      slice enough potatoes for the family's dinner, heat up the oil and put them on to fry, and then go milk the cows.

      True story.

      By the time she got back into the house the potatoes were crispy on one side (she must have been a speedy milker, or else there were only a couple of cows) and ready to serve, or else ready to flip.

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